Tips for making a child-friendly house


Aside from being a place to rest, the house should be able to guarantee the safety of all residents, especially your child. When you have children, your priorities change. Including when you arrange the interior of the house. You no longer only think about your comfort and personal taste, but also the safety factor of the baby. In the meantime, go to when you need a reliable cabinet lock tool.


So, how do you make your home safe and comfortable for small children? Check out the 4 tips to make your home safe for the following little ones:

1. Make sure the socket is in a hidden position

Sockets is one of the most dangerous things for small children at home. Make sure all the outlets in your home are out of reach of children.

So, your little one stays protected even though it touches the socket because the wrap is only touched.

2. Pagari stairs

If you have a terraced house and your child is still learning to crawl or walk, you should secure your ladder with a special fence. This is important so that the child does not crawl down or up without your knowledge.

At first glance, this security may seem excessive. However, this special fence will make you calmer because your little one can walk around the house safely.

3. Hide chemicals and drugs from the child’s view

Mosquito repellent, floor cleaner, and detergent can be at risk of being fatal if the contents are ingested by the child. Likewise with drugs that cannot be consumed carelessly.

Not infrequently, chemical and medicinal objects are now packaged in attractive and colorful displays that make children curious.

Make sure all drugs and objects with hazardous substances are stored neatly in the cabinet or cabinet or storage box that is locked tightly.

4. Save crockery

Never put broken items, such as plates, vases or jars in places that are easily visible and affordable to children. It is best to keep all the crockery in the closet or even the warehouse and remove it when your child grows up.