These are the Three Early Techniques for Doing Archery for Beginners


At present, archery is indeed an activity that is liked by many people. In fact, many of them choose to use quality arrows so that these activities can run well. One level of the quality arrow is the recurve bow. You can read the guide on this matter so that you can use the type of bow correctly and according to what you should.

Archery certainly requires the right technique. For this reason, below are some archery techniques that are right for beginners. Some of the techniques in question are

1. Standing attitude
The stand is “Attitude or position of the feet on the floor or ground. A good standing attitude is characterized by (1) the point of weight is supported by both leg in a balanced manner, (2) the body is upright, not leaning forward or backward, to the right side or to the left side. in archery, namely open stand, square stand, close stand, and oblique stand. But for beginners, what is mostly used is the square stand or open stand attitude

2. Installing an arrow tail
Installing an arrow (nocking) is: “Move to place or insert an arrow into the arrow (nocking point) on the rope and place the axle (arrow) on the arrow rest (arrow rest). Then followed by placing the pulling fingers on the rope and ready to pull the rope. “Installing an arrow in archery can be fatal if a wrong placement is either too high or too low, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the arrow that has been mounted is straight leaning in the bow or not.

3. Lifting the bow
Things that must be considered, namely the bow retaining arm relax, the rope is pulled by three fingers, the index finger, middle finger and ring finger. The rope is placed or more precisely placed on the segments of the first finger, and the pressure of the arc against the palm of the hand holding the bow in the middle of point V, which is formed by the thumb and index finger (bow retaining arm).