Things you must know about wooden doors and windows

Aside from the roof and walls, a building cannot be separated from a window & door, this element is the most important area that must be attached to a single building, so the proper door and window installation is necessary. Against this field is the door which is an outside access and entry into one person, as well as the absolute window for daylighting on a single building & which is air ventilation or circulation. Against other angles, these two factors become an aesthetic value or even an art if the factor is unique from a building.

At this time, how do we know, at this time there are many variations of models & forms of windows & doors. You are able to mix lots of colors right with your taste to the window & door frames together to align the color of the wall that fits your occupancy frame.

But the whole will not be long-standing & be damaged immediately if you do not carry out maintenance on window & door frames in a regular manner. There are many aspects that must be considered so that the frame will be well maintained so it will create a frame that is much more durable & does not necessarily suffer damage, either damaged by rodents or insects such as termites & so on, and can even become mechanically damaged like exposed to rainwater which is exceeded not infrequently exposed etc.