Three Easy Maintenance that Must Be Done Before Leaving the Car in Self Storage Units

Self-storage units are not limited to storing items. Like North Phoenix Self Storage, vehicles can be stored in self-storage. Don’t worry about security, because North Phoenix Self Storage has a good security system so that any item can be left there. When you decide to leave home for a long time and have a car, you can leave it in self-storage. You can carry your self-storage key anywhere so that car security is guaranteed.


Before leaving the car in self-storage, you still have to make the car in good condition. Washing the car clean so that no dirt sticks is one way to avoid the car from rusting. Giving a car cover is also another step so that your car isn’t exposed to dust as long as it’s left. In addition to these two things, there is still another maintenance that should be done before you leave the car in self-storage:

– Check fluid level
Make sure you check the oil, transmission and brake fluid before you leave the car in self-storage. Why does this need to be done? Because when you come back to pick up the car, you can immediately use it without having to worry about the condition of the car.

– Don’t let your car’s tires get flat
To avoid this, you can remove the car tire and put it on the same self-storage. This is so that your car tires will not be deflated when it will be used again. But for those of you who do not want to bother releasing tires, make sure the tires are not deflated when left. Don’t forget to give the tire cover to stay in good condition.

– Avoid parking the car with active brakes
Why does this need to be avoided? Because parking a car with an active brake for long periods of time can cause damage. Your brake fluid will run out and you will have trouble when you use it again. Instead, give a big rock in the back and front wheels of the car to avoid moving cars.