Rope jumping is good for your health

This rope jump for brain health and nervous system is done by crossing a rope or cross model. Variation of cross consists of front and rear crossing which is done by crossing the rope when jumping in front or back. This variation is the hardest variation, both of which require good motion coordination. The need for good motion coordination allows the brain to be highly trained by doing this cross variation.
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Healthy skin

Sports jump rope can nourish the skin because jump rope helps blood circulation that can provide nutrients to the skin. This is what will make the skin healthy and avoid acne.

Remove body toxins

Sports jump rope can make the body sweat. This sweat is the pore that removes toxins in the body or detoxification. With detoxification, the body is prevented or immune from diseases caused by toxins that enter the body, such as those that come from air pollution or can also be from food and drink intake.

Strengthens organs in the body

Jump rope is able to strengthen organs in the body due to the jump movement which will repeatedly train the body’s organs to keep moving and become stronger. Parts of the body that are more receptive to the effects of this jump rope are the arms and legs.

In addition, jump rope also combines cardio prescription and body strengthening training.

Stabilizing hormones in the body

The benefits of jumping rope can make the body’s hormones become stable. This is because the brain is trained to be able to synchronize the body’s work. The stability between hormones and brain that is honed by jumping rope is what can reduce stress.

Save on sports expenses

Rope jumping is a sport that is very cheap because it requires media only a piece of rope. In addition, rope jumping can be practiced anywhere, so you can pay for transportation costs or enter the gym, swimming pool, and gymnastics classes for example.

Cost savings will also be felt when jumping rope does not require special clothing that allows it to be purchased.