Avoid Biting Nails For Your Dental Health

Do you know if tooth enamel is the strongest part of the human body? Even more amazing is the structure of the enamel can be smooth because it does not have a living cell and cannot be repaired if it is cracked or damaged. This is the reason why brushing your teeth isn’t enough to protect your teeth from being broken and hollow. You can visit Toothbrushers Dental to check your dental health.

Your daily habits can affect oral hygiene and health. So if you don’t maintain healthy teeth and mouth, of course, there will be problems that make you feel uncomfortable, for example, cavities and bad breath. For that, you should avoid habits that can interfere with dental health. One of them is nail-biting.

This habit is often unconsciously done if you’re thinking or being nervous. In addition to making the appearance of the nail unattractive, the negated impact of nail biting is that it can spread bacteria from the mouth and erode tooth enamel. This habit can also make the front teeth weaken.