Two types of Soapstone types from Brazil that will not decrease their popularity


Soapstone has almost the same appeal as granite. If many people choose granite to make a room more luxurious, some will start using soapstone countertops to create an elegant and calm impression in the room. Soapstone is made from metamorphosed talc and has the benefits that society needs. As one example is the use of soapstone countertops in the kitchen. Soapstone properties that are easy to clean with any liquid make people feel more efficient. The price is not much different from granite, although the impression will be different. In addition, soapstone is made from a heat-resistant material, so there is no need to worry about putting a hot pot on it.


Just like granite, soapstone also has several types according to the color and tendons contained in it. Among the various types of soapstone, there is a named Barocca. Barocca comes from Brazil with a very light gray stone. Barocca has a little white vein. Don’t even have it at all. Compared to other soapstones, Barocca has a much more consistent appearance than other soapstones.

Besides Barocca, there is also Soapstone Emerald. Soapstone emeralds are rocks that have an amazingly attractive green color. The color is darker and has a lot of movement, color, variation, and tendon. Soapstone is a rock that is quite rare, so the price is more expensive. If the stone is smeared with oil, the green color will be even more dazzling, decorated with thin veins in it.

Finally, there is a gray soapstone stone. Gray is the majority color in soapstone. Even with green soapstone, there is the possibility of having a gray element. Just like Barocca and Emerald, this stone comes from Brazil, has a dark gray color with more white veins.

Soapstone’s popularity will not fade in the near future. Because this stone is easy to clean and has greater benefits for kitchen countertops. So it is often used as an alternative if you want ingredients other than granite.