The frequent problems that can break down your car

Indicator lights are usually used as a guide. This lamp usually lives if given orders. After that, this lamp will die. If the indicator light of your car is constantly lit without an order, it could be due to a mismatch between the oil and your car type specifications. On the other hand, you may go to whenever you want to rent a car when your ride can’t be driven for some time.

In addition, this also happens because the size of the oil volume is not as recommended by the car manufacturer and technician. Therefore, use the original type of oil that is the default of the car. If one day the oil wears out or runs out, you should replace the oil with new oil.

Weakening Machine Power

Other damage that often occurs in cars is the weakening of the engine. If the engine power of the car is not, as usual, that means there is damage to the components in the engine. Whether it’s the timing belt, the fuel filter that doesn’t work, until the damage to the fuel pressure regulator.

If the regulator, fuel filter, and fuel pump have a problem, immediately bring your car to the nearest garage. If you know how to fix it, it can be fixed by yourself. However, repairing the workshop is much more recommended. Especially if there are parts that must be replaced, so the installation is more precise and tighter.

Tickling Machine
Machine tickles bias
I happen when a car driver wants to step on the gas on an uphill track. Actually, it’s fine if you want to bulldoze the uphill road, but with the right procedure. If the procedure is wrong, the timing belt will flare instead.

Besides speed factors, tickling machines can also be caused by:

Fuel specifications that do not match the type of car.

RON (Research Octane Number) levels that do not match.