These Are Two Types Of Home Door Locks You Can Use

The key of your house door is tha important part.
Because if the key lost, then you can get a big trouble. You can even replace the key or combination on the door of the house with the services of Wellington locksmith. You can use this service if you lost your key.

You also need to know the type of home door lock that is currently still widely used.

– conventional house lock
Actually, the way the cylinder and lever lock works are not much different. The difference lies in the complexity of the grating shape. The grooves on the teeth on the house door lock form a cylinder to rotate the cylinder in the slot so that the door can be opened.

– digital lock
The second type of home door lock is a digital home door lock. Judging from its function, digital home door locks have better reliability compared to conventional model home door locks. The existing system is developed in digital home door locks there are two types, namely using the pin number system and using the remote.